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Marloes Sands Gets a Mention on Coronation…

Corrie Cast name drop the Pembrokeshire Beach During Episode

The eagle-eared soap-watchers amongst you might have heard a familiar place name amongst last night’s episode of Corrie.

Marloes Sands is a sprawling stretch of beach is located on the west coast of Pembrokeshire and is the most recent beach in our county to have been snapped up by Hollywood for filming purposes, providing a sandy backdrop to Snow White and the Huntsman. Beautifully featured in the fantasy film, the beach is shown off as a truly wild and rugged place. Rarely over-crowded no matter what time of year, but always a popular place, it is a bay to let the wind blow away the cobwebs while you walk along the shoreline with the waves crashing at your feet. Keep a lookout by your toes though as the beach is considered a good fossil hunting site.

Whether they meant to or not, the writers of Coronation Street couldn’t have chosen a finer beach to highlight as part of their episode, as the serial soap opera continues on.