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24th February 2014 by

Posted in Activities, Wales, Winter

A Big Bowl of Cawl

St. David’s Day is coming up in Wales, and you can’t come to Pembrokeshire on St David’s Day without tasting our very special national dish, Cawl.

Who knew that when potatoes, swedes, leeks, carrots, and meat are thrown in a pot and boiled could taste so ridiculously delicious? Well, apart from everyone in the 14th Century of course!

There have been hundreds of different recipes dating back to the 1300s and depending on what part of Wales you visit the ingredients can vary. In North Wales, you will usually find lamb cawl and coastal areas you will come across beef, ham and even seafood cawls. Bread of Heaven forbid!

So, we have been on the hunt to find the best and we think we have found it! The Old Chemist Inn in Saundersfoot is the 2014 Cawl Cooking Champion of the World and rightly so, their cawl is scrumptious.

Here are some of our tips for the best cawl experience:

  • Make sure your bowl is deep and the cawl is steaming hot when served
  • Curl up in front of a roaring fire or log-burner in your favourite jumper
  • Enjoy with a freshly baked loaf and a block of Welsh cheddar cheese for extra indulgence
  • Have two bowls

Every year, Visit Saundersfoot hold a Cawl Trail, so make sure that you get yourself down to this special event, and try the specialties and variety of Cawl recipes on offer.

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