Coasteering is an ideal activity for those looking for a hit of adrenaline and a dose of adventure in the great outdoors of West Wales.

Coasteering allows you to gain a unique view of the famous Welsh coast that not many others will get to see as you climb along rocky outcrops, explore hidden caves and coves and jump from the cliffs into the waters below.

You can push yourself as far as you’re willing to go, while others within your group can also work to their own abilities.

Celtic Quest Coasteering

Exploring from Abereiddy to the infamous Blue Lagoon (location of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2012 and 2013), Celtic Quest Coasteering are well experienced in this unique area of the coastline and can offer over 2 hours of adventure scrambling over rocks, cliff diving, and exploring the water.

The main goal at Celtic Quest is to make coasteering fun and accessible to everyone, from children as young as five.

Preseli Venture

Based in North Pembrokeshire, Preseli Venture have over 25 years worth of coasteering experience along the Northern stretch of West Wales’s coastline. Offering full days, entire weekends, and up to 5 overnight stays at their fabulous eco-lodge accommodation, Preseli Venture really packs a punch with their fully immersive coasteering experiences.

Preseli Venture also offer sea kayaking and surfing experiences.


Based in St Davids and being the original creators of coasteering back in 1986, TYF has helped over 100,000 people begin their coasteering journey.

Catering to both family and adult coasteering, offering different packages for each which are uniquely tailored to the parties individual needs and comfort levels, while encouraging everyone to push their limits.

TYF also offer other activities like surfing, climbing and stand up paddleboarding.

Cardigan Bay Active

Cardigan Bay Active brings you closer to the best adventures that North Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion have to offer.

Coasteering with Cardigan Bay Active offers an active, challenging journey along the tidal margin. Using a mix of climbing, leaping, swimming, traversing, ducking and jumping you’ll experience our wild coast via the gullies, caves, cliffs and reefs of the fabulous Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay coast.

The Big Blue Experience

With the use of boats, The Big Blue are able to access some of the more remote parts of the coastline that are usually relatively inaccessible.

The boat ride alone is a fun-filled exhilarating activity, with their experienced Coasteer guides bringing an abundance of knowledge and expertise to your coasteering adventure.

You can find The Big Blue Experience on Newgale Beach.

Tenby Coasteering

The team at Tenby Coasteering put the focus on moving at your own pace, with coasteerers being as young as 8 (provided they are with an adult guardian).

They have a relaxed attitude towards the sport and make it clear that you don’t actually have to partake in anything more than enjoying the beautiful scenery if you would prefer a more easygoing adventure.