Coastal Foraging

West Wales is renowned for it’s breathtakingly beautiful and diverse coastline, which helps to attract visitors, daytrippers, ramblers and adventurers from all over the globe. And in recent years, the increase in foraging in both coastal and woodland areas has dramatically increased. In particular, the sea offers up unique and varied opportunities for those who seek new thrills and experiences, which lends itself to this brave new activity.

With a smorgasbord of flora and fauna available all over the coastal cliffs, beaches and left in rockpools by the retreating tides, foraging for ingredients and snacks as part of a walk or hike is now very much in vogue. A fantastically unique experience, there are many ways to enjoy and get involved in what could turn out to be your new favourite hobby during your time in God’s Country.

So, where can you experience ‘foraged produce’ in West Wales? Let’s take a look-see…

Foraging Experiences

Craig Evans takes groups of intrepid foragers on scenic walks along the coasts of Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire to find ingredients to cook up the freshest of feasts right in front of their eyes. Always with his trusted sidekick Llew, Craig has been educating and entertaining guests in West Wales for the last few years, proving there are rich culinary pickings that can be found with a keen eye and some local knowledge. Craig will often find amazing delicacies that only the wonder of the sea could provide, from mussels to plants, such as wild garlic, pepper dulse, and even fish and crabs.

Since growing up in the semi-rural Amman Valley on the slopes of the Black Mountains of Carmarthenshire, from a very young age I was taught how to pick wild foods.

Craig is an expert forager, but more than that, a proud Welshman, who’s local knowledge and passion for the coastal areas shines through when on one of his expeditions. Yes, you can forage for yourself, but you won’t get nearly half as much out of it, as you would by going out with Craig.

Cafe Môr at Freshwater West

When visiting West Pembrokeshire, you simply have to experience Cafe Môr.

The living, breathing embodiment of the now-famous Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company, Cafe Môr has to be simply the best food truck in the whole of the UK. To be found every day from Easter to Autumn at Freshwater West car park, Cafe Môr is now on its second incarnation.

The brainchild of Jonathan Williams, the Beach Food Company began life as a niche food truck, serving fresh seafood, locally sourced and seasoned with foraged sea salt (halen môr) and seaweed (gwymon; known locally as Welshman’s Caviar). These days, aside from making some simply perfect seaweed-based rum (see Barti Du rum), the Cafe Môr food truck, which has been crafted out of an old boat, the Josie June, serves up spectacular hot food, which is locally sourced directly from the rocks and tides at Freshwater West.

Try the lobster roll, with black butter. You won’t be disappointed.