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Explore Ceredigion Castles

Considered to be the centre of Welsh culture, the area once known as Cardiganshire, was in early days, its very own minor kingdom. The Kingdom of Ceredigion was one of several Welsh kingdoms that emerged in 5th-century post-Roman Britain. It is by this token then, that Ceredigion’s castles and ruins remain important highlights in Welsh history. And though by and large, small in number, are still grand in the county’s significance. None more so, than the huge and engulfing castle which is perched at the entrance of Cardigan itself.

Overlooking the Teifi River, it’s heritage dates back the 11th Century, and through Welsh rule and liaison with Kings of England, to the modern-day where it stands as a monument to its own symbolic past.

Or, how about Aberystwyth Castle? Now no more than a ruin, but it amongst its other important plays in the history of mid-Wales, it eventually became the site of the Royal Mint for over a decade, from 1637, until it was itself ‘slighted‘ by none other than Oliver Cromwell himself in 1649.

Proudly standing over the River Teifi are the ruins of Cilgerran Castle. Nobody can be sure as to when this castle was first built but it is first mentioned by name in 1164, when the castle was taken by ‘The Lord Rhys’. The castle was over taken many times during the proceeding centuries but finally, in the Tudor Period, Henry VII granted the castle to the Vaughan family who lived in the castle until the early 17th century until they built a house nearby, which is when the castle fell into ruin.

You can find more instances of castles, ruins and medieval history of Mid & West Wales at the following locations…

Explore Castles in Ceredigion

The 10 sites in Ceredigion where you can find castles and ruins to explore…


  • Aberdyfi Castle
  • Aberystwyth Castle (pictured)
  • Cardigan Castle
  • Cilgerran Castle
  • Dinerth Castle
  • Gaer Penrhôs
  • Castell Gwallter
  • Lampeter
  • Lampeter Castle
  • Ystrad Peithyll