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Educational Adventure In Pembrokeshire

Learning something new creates a buzz and a warm fuzzy feeling of contentment whatever our age. It boosts our confidence, our self-esteem and opens doors to opportunities we thought were possibly out of reach. Education is a subject taken seriously in Pembrokeshire and what’s different about the way people can learn in this county, is that it’s not all classroom based.

Learning through adventure and the physical medium is the focus of several businesses and adventure centres within Pembrokeshire. From land based climbing walls and mountain bike expeditions to team building activities whilst coasteering, educational based programmes and day experiences are available to a variety of individuals and groups including families, schools and corporate teams wanting to develop themselves further.

Every student or delegate involved in these activities achieves something; to feel comfortable staying away from home, to become an effective team member, to communicate clearly or to understand risk. It is a very credible suggestion that from working with a partner to learn belay techniques for climbing, understanding weight distribution on a bike to navigate your way across a raised platform or assessing the height and strength of an oncoming wave before you leap across from one rock to another, all of these skills can be attained. It’s not in the understanding of a subject that cements a message into your incredibly complex brain, it’s in the doing.

For families and schools group wanting to benefit from outdoor education during a short break in Pembrokeshire, there are several centres offering expertise in the area. In the North of the county, Sealyham Activity Centre organises coasteering and climbing trips amongst other educational activities as does Newgale YMCA with the addition of fun mountain bike tours and games included. TYF focuses on teaching young people and adults the importance of sustainability through coasteering and climbing, as well as providing flexible camping facilities from their Ocean Camp, providing unforgettably awesome cliff top views.

In the South, Pembrokeshire Adventure Centre funded by the Prince’s Trust runs the National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme (N.I.C.A.S.) and Stackpole Outdoor Learning Centre organises coasteering adventures from Stackpole Quay.

Outdoor education is also a popular choice for corporate groups; specifically office based teams that can benefit well from leaving their daily activities and structured routines behind. Time in the outdoors enables a hierarchical team to perform on level ground, to step out of their comfort zones, to suggest new ideas and to review and reflect on the best way forward both personally and commercially. Seeing your company Director decked head to toe in tight fitting neoprene ready for his coasteering challenge is always a good icebreaker on a team building event!

It’s definitely a good thing to try something new once in a while. You may feel you have nothing more to learn, but if you’re planning to visit Pembrokeshire at some point in the near future, try some educational adventure, you may be pleasantly surprised.