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Dogs of Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire has a wonderful array of pet-friendly beaches, coves, paths and places to take your beloved dogs. With over 50 dog-friendly holiday homes, cottages and flats in Pembrokeshire, we have built up quite a following of wonderful customer who so often share their brilliant photos of their pets on Pembrokeshire beaches, nature trails and even shots of them enjoying their dog-friendly surroundings of one of our "pet-lets". Now we have a place to display all of these wonderful photos. We have started the FBMdogs Instagram account, a place for all things doggy and all things Pembrokeshire. If you have a great snap of your dog (or pet) on holiday in Pembrokeshire, please feel free to send the photo to us, and we will share it below and with the world.

To send us your doggy snaps:



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