Why we love the beach

The beach is ever changing; with every day, every tide, every wave, every ripple.


We love the beach. A lot of us here at FBM holidays have been lucky enough to grow up right by it. So take it from us when we say: it is the best place on earth. It is fierce and it is strong, it is serene and it is gentle. It is everything, sometimes all at once. What else in the world can you think of that has this kaleidoscope identity?

The beach is ever changing; with every day, every tide, every wave, every ripple. It is deeply detailed and it prompts us to notice little things. Noticing little things is something that a lot of us forget to do from time to time. Noticing little things basically means we are being mindful. We are slowing down and zooming in. Picking up a shell or a pebble and inspecting it, skimming a stone, digging our toes into the sand or simply gazing out to watch the waves roll in. This sense of stillness gives our minds some rest, and that’s what a holiday is all about.

The beach helps us to get back to nature. Any time of the year, any season, any weather. A rainy stomp in the wind with your dog, a fresh autumnal stroll with a friend, a quiet half an hour in the spring sun or a family day out in the summer. Feeling the elements on our skin, smelling that fresh sea air*, hearing the crunch of pebbles or sand underfoot, or sitting amongst the rocks. Having a connection to the outside world is an amazing thing. It helps us to think clearly and to dedicate thoughts to ourselves.

We enjoy the simple things in life when we are at the beach. Why is building a sandcastle so deeply rewarding? Why is balancing stones so fun? What is so special about a flask of humble tea with a friend? In modern life, it’s easy to be distracted by the constant buzzing of phones, the pinging of emails and the hustle and bustle of the everyday. The beach takes a lot of those things away, and reminds us to be childlike. It pulls us away from the chaos and into the calm.

You can literally be completely enveloped in the sea. Sure, you can go for a walk through a forest, or hike up a mountain, but when you get in the sea, for a swim or a surf or anything, you are in it. It wraps around every part of you that it can. You are inside the biggest thing on this planet. How cool is that? It can make you feel weightless, lost, alive and found. We think that’s pretty incredible.

So there you have it, we’ve waxed lyrical on our love of the beach. And whether you’re having a quiet break away or an adventure packed holiday, we think you’ll find the beach will give you all of these things, and more.

* Sea air is negatively ionised, this is what helps you to sleep deeply after a day at the coast. Studies have shown that negative ions cause an anti-microbial, and mood stabilising effect. Studies also indicate that negatively charged ions can influence serotonin levels too. Amazing!