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7th July 2020 by

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Why Pets Make You Happier

Having a pet can significantly improve your quality of life. They not only help to boost psychological well-being, but also your improve your health and longevity. Here are a few ways we think pets make you happier.

Instil Routine & Responsibility

Pets create a routine and give structure to your day. As a result of this pet owners learn to be disciplined and compartmentalise problems. Pets also instil responsibility, especially in children. Giving your child the job of feeding their animal best friend will help them develop positive behaviours. Just like  encouraging them to take it out for exercise everyday will hopefully mean they will put others first in later life.

Improve Mental Well-being

Having a pet will enable you to handle life pressures and challenges better. Pets give you a focus and a purpose which helps to prevent you getting too overwhelmed by things. There is nothing better than taking a refreshing moment to give your pet’s tummy a tickle if you’re get stuck in a rut. Or playing with them when things get tricky, or you are feeling a little anxious.

Pets always provide a happy, friendly face to come home to and be just the antidote to a hard day. When you interact with them, they increase your levels of happy hormones and over time help build emotional strength. For example, Oxytocin can be released when laughing at your pet which helps to lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and decrease depression. While stroking your pet can boost your levels of serotonin and dopamine.

Pets also teach us the meaning of unconditional love, as well as help us develop empathy and become more conscientious. Of course they are also fiercely loyal and their constant companionship can help decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation too. On the same note, taking your pet on holiday with you will help to comfort homesick or anxious children. Plus they will help to keep stress levels down, help you all relax and offer a good excuse to take 5 minutes to yourself if the going gets tough!

Make You More Active

Having a pet will mean you are more likely to be physically active than someone without a pet. It is common knowledge this means you are less likely to suffer from poor physical and mental health. Additionally, exercising with your pet will also help you to build on your relationship with them as you have a shared experience in enjoying the great outdoors together. Being encouraged to get outside on even the wettest of days will help banish blue feelings and make you more resilient in the long term too.

Help Create More Meaningful Connections

Having a pet can improve your social connections because they help you meet like-minded people and improve your communication skills. We all know that having good friends around can boost your frame of mind and self-esteem. Additionally, animal friends are great to have a non-judgemental chats to as well. Furthermore, as research has shown, from studying children who read to dogs in schools, pets help people become more confident and clearer when expressing themselves.

So next time you’re thinking about how much you really don’t want to take your dog for a walk in the rain, or your cat has scratched the furniture -again! Just remember that having them in your lives is doing you more good than you might think!

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