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Why Let Your Holiday Home?

If you have a holiday home in West Wales then you are in a prime position to start earning an income from your holiday home.

Holiday rentals bring in almost double the rent of long term renting, and also allow you to enjoy your property from time to time too. If you have a holiday home in West Wales then you are in a prime position to earn an income from your holiday home. And with an Agent taking the stress out of bookings and customer service for you, you’re free to enjoy the extra income along with fantastic breaks in West Wales! Sounds like the best of both worlds, yes?

So, what do you need to know about holiday letting?

The good news is South Wales is one of the top ten most in-demand areas for holiday lets in the UK, with holiday bookings continuing to rise year on year. Properties in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion are some of the highest earning areas and bring in year-round bookings.

The even better news is that holiday letting your property is easy. Using an Agent to market your property means no fuss, no hassle and no worries. FBM Holidays will promote your property and find tenants for your available weeks, leaving you to relax and enjoy the extra income from your holiday home.

We will also list your property on major online accommodation booking sites at no extra cost.

Rental income can be used in an advantageous manner for tax purposes. You’ll get 100% capital allowances on the first £250,000 of capital expenditure earned and you’ll also get capital gains allowances if you decide to sell the property in the future. We would always recommend you seek independent financial advice and can recommend local companies if you wish.

Myth busting

Think something is holding you back from making money out of your property? Think again…

“I don’t have time to ‘do-up’ my property for letting”

If you already use your property occasionally, then chances are its pretty much ready to let. Most properties require very little work before hitting the holiday let market. We can help with suggestions to make sure your property works to its full potential for you, with some quick and easy suggestions to make it appealing to holidaymakers.

“I want to use my property in the summer. Isn’t that the only time it will be booked?”

No, we manage bookings in West Wales all year round. It comes as a surprise to some that December and January are amongst the most popular dates for holiday lets. The spring Easter break is a busy time too, and there are loads of people looking for breaks all year round. You’d be surprised at how often we would be able to fill your property, even if you want to use it at ‘peak’ times.

“My property is probably too small”

Couples made up over 40% of all holiday bookings in 2017, so there’s a real market for smaller properties. Homes of all shapes and sizes are needed to satiate the ever-rising demand in holiday lets.

Let’s recap on why holiday letting in West Wales could work for you

● Earning money from your property whilst also being able to use it yourself.
● Little to no additional work required to get it ready.
● Hassle free income.
● Tenants available for all types and size properties.

So what’s not to love about holiday letting? Find out more about letting with us and get in touch today to speak to one of our experienced Agents on 01834 844565