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Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Holiday

Holidays can often end up being a bit stressful if adequate preparation isn’t carried out before departure. So, we have come up with some tips to ensure that you have a relaxing summer break.

Book your accommodation as early as possible, if you can. This will not only mean there is one less thing to worry about, but it will also make planning your time away easier and you can make the most of special offers or holiday extras. Here at FBM Holidays, we have lots of special offers and extras on our website and we are also more than happy for you to just give us a call to discuss options.

We understand it’s not always easy to be prepared so if you’re not able to book early, you can still make the most of last-minute opportunities. FBM Holidays has some great last-minute deals which we are more than happy to ensure are hassle-free. The anticipation of a holiday has a very positive effect on wellbeing so no matter when you book your holiday, you’ll reap the rewards.

Plan to travel at a time of day you know will be less busy with traffic. Nobody likes to be stuck in a queue, least of all children, so if you can avoid the mad rush which happens just after the schools break up, you’ll have much calmer start to your holiday. Additionally, make sure you know the exact location of your accommodation. This can help reduce tension or the feeling of being overwhelmed when you first arrive.


Have a list of places you’d like to visit. This doesn’t have to be rigidly stuck to, but it means you will make the most of you holiday. It also means you can ensure everyone is happy with the plan to reduce the chance of disagreements! Why not check out the FBM Holidays blog for inspiration as to where you could go. If possible, pre-book events as there will often be early bird prices available for attractions and you may be able to skip queues as well.

If you’re heading off on holiday as a family group, it’s important to make sure you all have a break from each other. Remember to take a book, a pamper kit or download your favourite podcast or TV series so you can have some you time. If you have children, make sure you don’t forget to pack you’re their favourite toys so they can also have some time out.

If you need to bring some work with you on holiday, make sure you set time aside to do it and make sure you stick to it. This will prevent you from feeling guilty you’re not working all the time and also means you can organise it so you don’t miss out on the most important or memorable bits.

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