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8th February 2019 by

Posted in Wales

The Ultimate Guide to the Welsh Countryside

Tips to help you explore, learn from and enjoy the great outdoors.

The golden, dappled light of a forest, the bubble and rush of a stream, the crunch of twigs underfoot and the scuttling and chatter of wildlife all around. The countryside holds a special sort of magic no matter where you might find it. This is our ultimate guide to the countryside, offering tips and ideas to help you explore, learn from and enjoy the outdoors.

If you’re new to a country adventure the easiest way to get stuck in is to look up some walks. We have featured loads of great walks in other posts for the Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire areas to get you started. Try a springtime walk in Pembrokeshire for inspiration.

Choosing a Trail

Walking a trailed path means you can choose the sort of walk you’d like. A woodland stroll? An historical adventure? Wildlife spotting? The choice is yours. Walking a trailed path also ensures you are not trespassing on any land and that the route is safe. Take good shoes and always pack water and snacks.

Get a Map

If you want to take your countryside exploration a little further, the best thing you can do is to get a detailed map of the area. This will help you with planning your adventure and also help you to identify land markers, areas of required permission, and points of interest whilst you’re out there. A map also turns being a little lost into a fun challenge. If you ever did the Duke of Edinburgh Award then you’ll be in your element.

Google Earth is also a useful tool in figuring out where you’d like to go. Have you seen an historical burial site, old fort or an amazing old ash tree online? Mark it on your map and find your way there. If you’re planning a long day choose a walk where you can nip into civilisation for some lunch or a coffee. The estuary around Creswell Quay is a great place to start if you’re staying in Pembrokeshire.

Leave no trace

As well as making sure you don’t leave any litter behind, keep an eye out for any litter you can pick up, and report anything potentially damaging to wildlife to the local council.


Get your hands on a book about birds or wildlife, this will help you identify animal habitats, calls and markings. Being able to put a name to a bird call or a footprint is an awesome feeling and it gives you a real sense of connection with the natural world. Whilst it is wondrous to see, hear and witness theses incredible creatures in the countryside, it is important that we do not disturb or distress them. Human interference can disrupt breeding, hunting and can result in wildlife moving away from the area.


Foraging is a great way to fully enjoy and explore the countryside. From berries, wild garlic and mushrooms in spring and summer, to sea spinach and samphire on estuaries all through the winter, there is always something to be enjoyed from Mother Nature. However, do your research first and always check your finds carefully before consuming.

The Welsh countryside is a walker’s paradise. From coast to countryside the variety and beauty of the West Wales landscape offers so much to be discovered and what better way to relax after all that exploring than to cosy up in your very own self catering holiday accommodation.

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