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Succeed With Holiday Letting

If you’re thinking about holiday letting your second home but are concerned that it could be a complicated process or may be difficult to find guests, then read on.

Here at FBM Holidays we make it easy to holiday let your second home whilst the UK self-catering holiday industry continues to boom, meaning there is a massive and growing demand in holiday lets.

The Rise of the UK Tourist

More tourists than ever are visiting the UK. According to VisitBritain figures 3.7 million tourists came to the UK in April this year, up a whopping 19% from last year, and the highest in April since records began.

Last year the UK holiday rental market generated £2.1billion.

According to the latest figures from VisitBritain, there were 59 million staycations in the UK in 2017, up by almost 6% on 2016. Statistics show that holiday letting is set to continue to soar, following a fantastic 5 years of rising demand in the area.

Holiday Let Trends

The three most popular holiday homes in 2017 were:

Couples made up 41% of all bookings in 2017, so your property doesn’t need to be large to be successful in the holiday let industry.

Holiday letting isn’t just for summer – January dates were the most popular dates for bookings over the last 4 years, with January 10th consistently being the most popular date.

South Wales – a Holiday Let Hot-Spot

In 2017 South Wales was amongst the top ten most popular regions in the UK for bookings and was also one of the fastest growing areas in the UK for bookings.

If you have, or are thinking about having a property here, you are in prime position to maximise your holiday let income.