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1st February 2017 by

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Sea Herbs

Sea Herbs – The new easy way to add some Beach Food sparkle to your cooking!

The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company have been busy experimenting again and this time they’ve nailed it. The most straight forward way of adding a new layer of flavour to your food and getting all the goodness of seaweed into your diet has arrived, and it comes in the form of ‘Sea Herbs’.

Sea Herbs are a range of individually packed seaweed varieties which have been picked in the wild, washed, dried and then flaked into pieces and look just like the usual suspects on your herb rack such as basil or thyme. The re-sealable pouches they come in mean they stay fresh and last for numerous uses, you only need a sprinkle to pack in unique flavours and outstanding health benefits to a dish.

Jonathan Williams, founder of The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company and creator of Sea Herbs talks about how to use the nautical flakes, “We don’t want you to limit your imagination to seafood based recipes, that’s not to say that the flavours don’t marry up perfectly, but there’s something magical about sea plants that means they can work with almost anything.” Jonathan goes on to add “You don’t need to be a chef either, just sprinkle a bit of grass kelp into a stir fry or throw some kelp in your chilli. I promise, once you’ve tried it you will wonder why you haven’t tapped into these rousing culinary notes before. I also must stress that one seaweed absolutely does not taste the same as another, it’s really exciting to awaken the senses to these new flavours”.

The small coastal company in West Wales has been supplying one of the most up and coming restaurants in New York since it opened in the summer of 2016, Tom Coughlan, leading chef at ‘Sunken Hundred’ in Brooklyn speaks about the upside of using seaweed in his menu,
“Dulse is one of my favorite seaweeds to use as it is so versatile. At the restaurant we use it as a garnish, in long cooks, in slow cooks, in baked goods, and blended in raw. It can pair with so many foods as well, from chocolate to red meat to tomatoes, it has the biggest diversity of uses I find. It is rare that I can even complete a recipe without taking a little snack of it for myself.”

With rising attention from the health and fitnesss world for its wealth of nutrients and protein and even recent studies which suggest a link with halting the growth of cancer cells, there has never been a better time to start introducing seaweed to your favourite meals.
Sea Herbs are available as laver, dulse, grass kelp and kelp. Visit for more recipe inspiration and information.

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