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Preseli Hills and Mountains Guide

The Preseli Hills or Preseli Mountains is a prehistoric landscape of ancient moorland.

The Preseli Hills or Preseli Mountains, also known as “Mynydd Preseli” in Welsh, is a prehistoric landscape of ancient moorland scattered majestically across the North of Pembrokeshire from West to East.

536 metres at its highest point, The Preseli Hills are overflowing with myth and legend and hold an undeniably magical energy. You can discover numerous ancient sites of ritual and burial while exploring these age-old hills, including Bronze Age burial cairns, stone circles, and Iron Age hill forts.


Foel Eryr

Foel Eryr in the South of the Preselis, otherwise called the “Place of the Eagle”, is the second highest peak and provides a breathtaking panoramic outlook of Pembrokeshire. On a clear day you can see as far as Ireland and Snowdonia, and it is inhabited by native ponies, buzzards, red kites, and beautiful wild flowers.


The Golden Road

Close to Foel Eryr is The Golden Road, an impressive 5000 year old Neolithic hike along the backbone of the Preselis. 8 miles long and studded with quartz filled rocks, this ancient walkway was the primary route used by prehistoric travellers to walk from Wales to Ireland.

Carn Menyn

Carn Menyn, sitting on the Eastern side of the Preselis, is a collection of rugged outcrops of rock believed to be the source of the blue stones used to create magnificent Stonehenge 4000 years ago.

At its highest peak, Carn Menyn, or “Butter Rock”, stands proudly at 365m and gives spectacular views over the Gower Peninsula and across Cardigan Bay.


Bedd Arthur

Carn Menyn is a short walk from the mystical Bedd Arthur stone circle, thought to be one of the original Neolithic henges.

The Bedd Arthur stone circle is made up of 13 standing stones and a further 2 which lie prone, and claims to be the resting place of King Arthur himself. The name itself translates to Arthur’s Grave.

Pentre Ifan

A firm favourite for those exploring the Preseli hills and mountains is Pentre Ifan, an ancient Bronze Age burial chamber overlooking the town of Newport. Pentre Ifan consists of three large upright stones with an impressive 5 metre long capstone balanced precariously on top. Fable has it that faery folk can sometimes be spotted dancing around the stones, and local legend says that the druids once used Pentre Ifan as an initiation site.


Tafarn Sinc

When you’ve had your fill of exploring the Preselis and are in need of a pick-me-up, visit Tafarn Sinc. Situated in the hamlet of Rosebush in the southern ridges of the Preselis, Tafarn Sinc is a delightful pub and eatery. Made from corrugated iron and filled with otherworldly charm, Tafarn Sinc is the highest licensed pub in Pembrokeshire and a must visit when you’re in the area.

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By Alice Shuttleworth

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