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New to the Holidays Lettings industry?

Heres some helpful advice.


Q. How can we look after the property when we live hundreds of miles away?

A. No problem at all we can introduce you to a cleaner/caretaker who will look after your property on a changeover day. They will clean the property, make up the beds and remove the dirty laundry ready for the next guests. They will also report any damaged or faulty items to you.
We can also introduce you to a gardener and window cleaner.

Q. What if a problem arises at the property?

A. We have a list of trustworthy tradespeople, electricians, plumbers, etc., who we call to deal with any unforeseen problems.

Q. How do visitors collect the keys for our property?

A. Many owners have a key safe at their property so visitors can be directed straight to the holiday home. We do also have key collection points in Tenby and Kilgetty, visitors will collect the keys at one of the points and are directed to their holiday home. This service depends on the commission rate paid.

Q. How will I know if anyone has booked my property?

A. When a booking has been taken you are immediately emailed to advise you of the booking. Your cleaner/caretaker will also be advised.

Q. When do I get paid?

A. We pay our owners on a monthly basis normally within the first 10 working days of the month following completion of each holiday booking.

Q. Do I have to pay tax on the rent I receive?

Answer: Yes, the money received is unearned income and is liable to income tax.

Legal Requirements

Q. Do I need a TV license?

A. Yes, you are required by law to have a TV license.

Q. If there is gas at the property do I need a certificate?

A. Yes a Landlords gas certificate is required on an annual basis from a Gas Safe engineer. It is recommended a carbon monoxide monitor is also installed.

Q. What about the electrics?

A. The electrical installation should be safe and maintained in a safe condition. Although a Pats test is not a legal requirement we do recommend that electrics including the fuse box are checked every 5 years.

Q. What insurances will I need?

A. You will require building, content and also public liability insurance. We can recommend Insurance companies.

Furniture has to comply with the Fire and Furnishing Act of 1988. Fire resistant labels on sofas, easy chairs, beds, mattresses, headboards and any piece of furniture that has foam interior.
You also need to provide a Fire Risk Assessment of the property and also an Access Statement. We can assist you with this and provide examples of what is required.

Our new business managers Karen and Hazel will only be too happy to answer any other queries you may have. Call us today 01834 844565.