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Holiday Home Wi-Fi – Are You Making…

Free guest Wi-Fi is a valuable asset to your holiday home.

With smart phones, mobile devices and laptops now an essential part of daily life, more and more holidaymakers now expect internet access as standard rather than an added extra. From checking emails, ordering holiday extras, uploading holiday photos and staying in touch with family and friends via social media, your holiday guests will be grateful for Wi-Fi access in their holiday accommodation, and in fact this can be a deal breaker when choosing a holiday home – a popular internet search is for ‘holiday homes with wifi’. So providing free Wi-Fi for guests can be a really valuable feature, making your holiday home more desirable. And if you also have 3G or 4G its worth promoting that too as a great selling feature to make your holiday rental stand out from the rest.

The Wi-Fi network should be set up and fully operational before your guests arrive and there should be clear simple instructions providing all the necessary information for your guests to connect easily to the internet. Having an Ethernet cable just in case your guests have trouble making a wireless connection is always handy and it’s also a good idea to clearly label power cords and devices.

Unlimited broadband packages are the best choice for holiday homes as they are not expensive and will avoid additional costs and service restrictions. The comparison website ‘Broadband Genie’ https://www.broadbandgenie.co.uk/broadband/unlimited-broadband is a very useful site for checking availability and comparing unlimited broadband deals in your holiday home area, as well as providing independent expert help and advice on broadband installation.

Make sure your Wi-Fi password is clearly displayed and easy to find – a booklet with all the details including network, user name and operating instructions is useful, plus contact details of who to contact in the event of connection problems.

So for a very small investment cost of providing free unlimited Wi-Fi in your holiday home you will instantly make your property more attractive, you will improve your visitors’ holiday experience and help to increase visitor numbers to your holiday home.