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Holiday Cottage Makeover Guide

Quick and cheap ideas which will please your guests.

There a lot of factors to consider when creating a holiday home, and once you’ve got the basics covered (fridge: check, kettle: check, towels: check…) it’s easier to start thinking of the little things which could result in more bookings.

Small touches will show you, as the owner, care about both the holiday cottage and the guests who use it. The best way to do this is to contemplate ideas which would make you more comfortable if you were to stay there. Here are a few thinks for you to consider which we hope will provide inspiration as you spruce up your cottage this winter.

Who is your audience?

  • If you have a house suitable for large groups of people, make sure it has enough kitchenware to accommodate a dinner party such as serving platters, big pots and pans and plenty of serving utensils. Bench seats also work well for dinner tables and could be cheaper than buying chairs individually.
  • If you have a cute cottage which is apt for couples, why not go the extra mile and make it suitable for those with a baby or toddler by adding a cot and high chair?
  • Perhaps add some picnic blankets and outdoor games suitable for all ages.

What is your style?

  • Are you going for cosy, seaside or modern? Properties which have a theme flowing from room to room look well thought out and photograph well.
  • Add some house plants for a homely feel. It’ll also show you have an eye for detail and that your property is valued.
  • Napkins are classy and thoughtful. Maybe add some festive ones for your Christmas season guests.
  • Rugs (make sure you add grips underneath to prevent slipping) along with scatter cushions on sofas and beds add comfort, as does adding padding/cushions on hard chairs.
  • Have a look for stylish and well-made non-essential furniture like bookcases or an ottoman. They will add a characteristic feel to your holiday home. Second-hand pieces will cost significantly less and can suit both a modern or more traditional look.

What features does your property have?

  • If you holiday house has outdoor space, make the most of it! Herbs growing on a patio or annual flower borders which require little attention are a great idea.
  • Enhance historical features if you can. Find out your property’s history, was it a dairy parlour or an artist’s studio? Adding touches such as artwork to hint to highlight its uniqueness and make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Make a window seat if the property has a view. This will be great little selling point.
  • Although potentially a little more costly, putting in a log or gas fire could increase your winter bookings.


These are all just ideas to help you get started and obviously some of them cost more or take more time than others to implement. Of course, timeless pieces of furniture will work in your cottage for many years and serve your guests well. Therefore, you won’t have to change the style of your property each season, so choose wisely.

The odd touch here and there shouldn’t go amiss. However, try and find a balance between clutter and added extras. Nothing is more annoying than not having space to put things when you’re on holiday. Worse still is having to hunt about for your belongings among trinkets when you’re packing up!

Finally, sprucing your property up once a year will pay dividends. Replace that worn out rug and touch up tired paint.

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