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Five Senses

Tips for hitting all five senses with your holiday let!

Ensuring your holiday cottage smells fresh or floral for your guests is one way to make them feel welcome. Fresh flowers are a great way to create a nice smelling home and are a lovely thoughtful touch which should make guest feel valued. Air fresheners are also another way to help create an inviting home. During each changeover make sure your property has been aired, cleaned and bins have a secure lid.

Not every holiday let is blessed with sea views or acres of countryside. Make the most of your holiday let by offering a warm welcome pack and avoiding clutter around the house. Art and pictures of the local area will always be pleasant to admire. Avoid any personalised items such as family portraits, notes for the cleaner as well as tell-tale signs from previous guests.

Using good quality linen, towels and soft furnishings can make all the difference. Soft, clean and comforting surroundings will make your holiday let memorable. Consider a throw on the sofa and some extra cushions on the bed. Big, snuggly bath towels will always be appreciated too.

Background music, daily news updates or meditation sounds could make your holiday home more relaxing for your guests. A radio in the kitchen, speakers in the living room and Wi-Fi facilities is all you need.

With self-catering holiday lets, holidays are all about taste! Remember to leave a list of local grocery shops for your guests, from supermarkets to farmers markets along with a small collection of recipe books. Guests with children might want to spend the day baking cupcakes on rainy days or when the sun’s out, lighting the BBQ for an evening feast. Don’t forget to recommend a list of local restaurants and bars to cater for all budget and tastes.

FBM Holidays are seeking self-catering holiday let accommodation around Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. If you have a holiday let in this area, please get in touch [email protected] or request our free owner information pack today.