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FBM Holidays visit Tenby’s St. Catherine’s Island

Hazel Garrod and Karen Smith take up the third Radio Pembrokeshire segment for FBM Holidays, where they are going out and meeting event organisers and attractions in the Pembrokeshire, and wider West Wales area.

No mention of April Fools, please…

We could tow the island out to sea!

Originally aired on Radio Pembrokeshire on the 1st April 2015, Karen and Hazel join Peter Prosser on Tenby’s St Catherines Island to find out what is actually happening on the island, and also what isn’t…

Part 1

Part 2

St Catherine’s Island is a small tidal island that is linked to Tenby by Castle beach at low tide and only partially accessible during each day. The island, which is known colloquially as St Catherine’s Rock, is the location of St Catherine’s Fort, which sits atop the island rock, and was constructed in 1867. It operated as a zoo and menagerie between 1968 and 1979.