8th February 2018 by

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FBM Holidays Partner with Airbnb

Partnership aims to increase bookings for Pembrokeshire properties

FBM Holidays is pleased to announce that we are partnering with the online booking agency, Airbnb to bring a wider, more diverse and greater number of people to Pembrokeshire.

Such is the draw of places like Tenby’s historic harbour, Pembroke’s infamous castle and the wide-ranging sprawls of coves and beaches that hug the coastline, the time to move into new markets felt upon us. Airbnb has what seems to be a captive audience at the moment. Traditional means of booking a holiday are diminishing; print media and newspaper ads are dying out, brochures are requested less and less as the online revolution increases year on year and now, people are not even using Google to search anymore.

They are using the apps that they know and trust, and one that compares everything they need in one place. Not just limited to Airbnb, but certainly a model and an audience that we want to showcase Pembrokeshire off to.

Our connection to Airbnb – as well as long-range plans to connect to more OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) – will be substantiated by a working partnership with Rentals United, who are based in Spain. Their connection allows a seamless and instant transfer of bookings to all channels as well as simultaneous and instant blocking of all other calendars means that we can offer our owners and clients who let their homes with us so much more variety as we widen our audience, without the need to increase commission levels above our standard rates.

Thom James, the Marketing Executive in charge of bringing the connection to these larger platforms to fruition says “From an owners perspective, it is win-win, as we still handle all of the agency responsibilities we normally do, whilst channeling more enquiries and bookings through our CMS. If you’re thinking of holiday letting, or you are looking to switch agencies, we are about to add a huge weapon to our artillery. Airbnb is a huge deal in the travel industry at the moment and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be going anywhere soon, so we are going to embrace it and work with it as best we can, and we feel it will have an enormously positive impact on bookings in 2018.”

If you’re thinking of holiday letting, or you’re looking to make a switch, make sure you speak to us and our New Business Team, by calling 01834 844565 and asking them for some free, honest and obligation-free advice.