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DIY Festive Wreath

Home-made wreath making is a fantastic festive activity for children and adults alike. It’s a wonderful way to begin the festive celebrations together by creating something special and unique as a family to proudly display in your home over Christmas.

The most exciting thing about making your own Christmas decorations is the sky’s the limit in terms of the materials you use and the imagination you put into your creation.

The first thing you will need is a wreath making hoop – You can buy a variety of hoops online and from craft shops in lots of different materials to suit your taste including wire, dried rattan, copper, and bamboo.

Next, you’ll need to decide what the theme for your wreath will be. Foraging for decorations can be lots of fun and any evergreen foliage looks fantastic. Holly, bay, pinecones, eucalyptus, and offcuts of the Christmas tree all look incredibly festive and traditional. You could also use spare baubles, ribbons, family favourite decorations, tinsel, pom poms and beads. If you can tie it down, you can use it!

Christmas Decorations

Once you have your materials, decide where you want them to go on your wreath. Now you have your design mapped out (or you can just be spontaneous with the layout!), cut lengths of string or ribbon and start to tie the foliage and decorations down. You can use a hot glue gun if you like, but this might make it harder to reuse the wreath hoop again next year if you were looking to make wreath decorating your new family tradition. If you’re set on keeping your wreath as it is permanently, then feel free to carefully use plenty of glue!

When you’re satisfied with how it looks, choose some ribbon to tie to the top of your wreath so it can hang. Velvet, satin, and even hemp all look great. If you buy a roll of it, you can tie your other decorations in with the same theme and use it all over the house.

By Alice Shuttleworth