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28th February 2017 by

Posted in Pembrokeshire

Crabbing on Dale Pontoon

Crabbing in Pembrokeshire

Crabbing off the pontoon in Dale is one of the must-do holiday activities for kids if you are staying in or near this fabulous part of Pembrokeshire.

Crabbing is a great fun activity and costs very little to do – all you really need is a bucket, a net or a crab line, some bait – usually bread but the locals at Dale swear by a bit of bacon! – and a few hours to spare with the kids, or bring a picnic and make a day of it.

The kids will have great fun seeing who can catch the most crabs, who can find the biggest crab and who can find the most different types – you will very likely come across shore crabs, hermit crabs, velvet crabs and spiker crabs. A guide book may be useful if you want to identify the different types living in our Pembrokeshire waters.

Remember to keep enough water in your bucket and be gentle when handling a crab – the pincers on the front are there for a purpose and can give a nasty nip! And at the end of your crabbing session, remember to always put the crabs back where you found them – return them gently to the water and they will be happy.

Have you ever wondered why crabs walk sideways? It’s because that’s the way their legs bend and enables them to squeeze in sideways to crevices and under rocks to avoid becoming a tasty snack for fish.

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