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15th May 2015 by

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Anna Ryder Richardson talks Sumatran tigers

Anna Ryder Richardson, from Manor Wildlife Park, joins Hazel and Karen in the Radio Pembrokeshire studios to chat about Sumatran Tigers, what’s coming up at Manor House this summer and taking part in the massive beach clean on June 6th on Freshwater West beach.


FBM Holidays and Anna Ryder Richardson

FBM Holidays and Anna Ryder Richardson

Part 1

Part 2

Manor wildlife park is currently part of the Sumatran tiger European breeding program, which is working to safeguard the future of the most enigmatic of species. The park holds one male, Jaya who joined the park from Chester Zoo in 2016 and Terima, a female who arrived from Beauval Zoological Park, France in 2015.

The threat to the wild tiger species has now reached a critical level, and numbers of tigers native to Sumatra, which is blamed on the loss of habitat and deforestation caused by increased agricultural works and logging. Palm oil plantations are now at an all-time high, and illegal hunting is also an issue.

As you can see by the graph below, these tigers are now on a list of critically endangered species.


Red List of Endangered Species, Sumatran Tigers

Red List of Endangered Species, Sumatran Tigers. Source, Manor Wildlife Park

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