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10 reasons to go for a good…

Getting close to nature has to be the lifetime experience

I found this on Facebook the other day and thought it would be a really useful pre-holiday reminder to you that Pembrokeshire really is the perfect place to get your walking boots, get yourselves outside and make the most of all the benefits that come with simply having a great walking day.

As a walking guide and walking skills trainer, I particularly like No.1: walking in the Preseli’s or along the Coastal Path really does put everything into perspective by allowing us to turn down the clutter and pressure controls in our busy lives. When you sit at home the hours pass so quickly but when you are out walking the miles fly by while the hands on the clock seem to move only very slowly. And at the end of a whole day’s walk we can wonder at how much we have achieved! We don’t often say that after a day in the office do we!

No. 7 is a no brainer – because you are overwhelmed with such a great sense of satisfaction and achievement and No. 10 is a real truism. Getting close to nature has to be the lifetime experience and it never fails to generate wonderful memories!

Now my wife tells me I need to work more on No.4 but in reply I tell her that she must be having a big dose of No.6. and so we agree to differ!

So have a bit of fun and see how many you can tick off when you are down here.

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